Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Operation Crown / Post Crown 1964 - 68

This site is dedicated to the History of Operation Crown - Airfield in Thailand.

Ultimately it is about 59 Field Squadron, but to give a clear understanding, I will need to incorparate the other Units on the Operation.

There will be seperate sections, under each year, to record the story of Operation Crown.
Please leave your comments about the history, but most of all, leave your stories, so I can incorporate them in the overall story.
This will be a "running" story and not a collection of stories, I will use stories from the other two sites - 59 Sqn and 11 Sqn, for these I thank John and Hank, plus the lads who have lodged personal stories with them.
I thank the lads for the photographs, some taken by Official photographers of Crown.
I also thank everyone who is helping me with their own Memories and photos.

I will add a Roll Call on each Site.

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